Sunday, October 20, 2019

Dinosaur Photos

Frank Stewart and Homer Hickam with
vertebrae of a Triceratops juvenile

Homer and Celeste Horner in a Hell Creek moment
Moi and two of the Portu-gals on the day we launched rockets rather than hunt dinosaurs. Three of them lived in that little tent. Later, they would find the X-Rex.
Dr. John "Jack" Horner and me the first summer. We all ended up as friends after Frank and I were almost kicked out for being bone thieves.

One of the best days in my life, the day I found the H-Rex. "Where's the rest of it?" - Dr. Jack Horner
Juvenile T.rex claw. "Where's the rest of it?" - Jack Horner

Frank, Bill H., and me the day after the great storm. Yes, our boat was sunk, and yes, we lost our food, and, yes, we lost our beer, and yes, we almost died, and yes, we went dino hunting the next day.

Frank prospecting
Caricature of Homer, Frank, and occasional dino hunter Bill Hendricks by artist Don Howard

On the scout for the juvie T

Wife Linda finally joined us for a summer. She did great.

Frank and I confer on a bone coming out of the hill

Noting a small find

With some dirty little Dino Girls and One Lucky Boy

My view at lunch. Fort Peck Reservoir in distance

An ancient beach. Mud flow behind it was always a great place to find dinos.

The famous "Homer's Nose" which changed the debate on the nature of Triceratops.

A nice theropod bone. There may be the rest of the animal just below.

Making a judgement on a find

Full Regalia of the Dinosaur Hunter

Here I found evidence of an Ankylosaur. I'm still looking for it.

A shadow in a very hot sun