Friday, November 27, 2015

Carrying Albert Home

Dear friends:

Since Carrying Albert Home was published, the novel has become a bona fide, award-winning, best-selling hit, not only in the United States but Canada and the UK! Reviewers have used words such as masterpiece, brilliant, and journey of a lifetime to describe this novel. I am properly humbled and pleased at the amazing reception for what might be my best work to date. 

Fans of Carrying Albert Home line up for Homer's signature in Orlando, Florida

Homer showing the love for a modern Albert at Gatorland, Orlando, Florida
May we suggest an autographed, collectible Carrying Albert Home might be just the gift you're looking for to give to that special person?

PS - BTW, for folks in Book Clubs! We have created a Toolbox for book clubs and Community Reads that choose Carrying Albert Home that include discussion questions and suggestions for meals and decorations. 

You can also check out the on-line Hickam book sellers on each books' page on our website.

PPS - May I share a recent sweet note with you about Carrying Albert Home? I'll keep the writer anonymous but I can tell you she's a Canadian librarian.

Dear Mr. Hickam,

By the end of the third sentence in your book, Carrying Albert Home, I had a lump in my throat. I had to stop. Then when I tried to explain to someone that I was about to read the most romantic book ever, I couldn't speak. I couldn't get any words out. I just cried. Now I am on page 67 and I have written quite a few sentences down from the book (a few involving the rooster) that I will keep in my book journal where I write down such quotes I love. I have been recommending the book even though I never do that until I am finished; and I have been carrying it with me to work (although I don't read at work) just so it's near me. I never do that either. 

I had to write you and tell you this book is amazing. I love Elsie and Homer and Albert and the Rooster. Your writing makes me laugh, and also cry in ways I cannot explain or control. 

I am going to make sure we buy a copy so I can place it front and centre on my staff picks shelf at work.