Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Carrying Albert Home during Christmas and the Holidays

Dear Readers:

Is it ever too early to think about Christmas and the Holidays?

Well, I think so. The drumbeat seems to get earlier every year.

On the other hand, it IS almost Halloween and you know how those days fly by to Thanksgiving and then Christmas.


Let's just say I think giving a book as a gift to a reader is never a bad idea, especially if it's a really special book.

And I think Carrying Albert Home is pretty special. OK, I wrote it so I would have that opinion but I'm not the only one. "Albert" has been picked by 15 International publishers, is a Book of the Month Club selection, soon to be a Reader's Digest Condensed Book, and the winner of several literary awards including the Southern Independent Bookseller's Association Okra Award.

Consider also these mainstream reviews and book bloggers:

The Huffington Post: "Oh and when they turn Carrying Albert Home into a movie (and they will), here's a great idea for casting: Jake Gyllenhaal. Now he's old enough to play the father of the character he played at 16!"

Book Page: "An intentionally improbable, bizarre trip through Southern Americana that is a tall tale blend of fact and fiction."

Book Reporter:  "Don’t miss CARRYING ALBERT HOME. It will surprise, delight and enchant you!"

The Book Diva:  "Don't put Carrying Albert Home on a "To Be Read" list, go out, grab a copy, and then sit down and read it...you won't be disappointed!

The London Diary: "There are gangsters, bank robberies, baseball teams, ship wrecks and kidnappings to contend with before the touching and heartbreaking end.  I won’t lie, I found myself sobbing when I finished this book.  It ended way too soon."

The Frugal Mom in Canada: "I came away from Carrying Albert Home feeling completely invested in the “characters”.  What a read, indeed."

The Kahakai Kitchen: "There is a sweet earnestness to Carrying Albert Home and it is easy to get caught up in the storytelling.

Sarah's Book Chaos: "I am telling you right now, if you are one of my friends who I normally give a book to for Christmas, this is probably going to be it because I enjoyed this book so much."

The Savvy Reader: "It didn’t take me long to fall in love with Carrying Albert Home by Homer Hickam, and with my own trip booked to Florida, I knew this was going to be the perfect vacation read."

Net Galley: "Something about Albert the alligator has touched my heart, and I dare say he will touch many more hearts, as he takes you on his journey home."

Carrying Albert Home is available in just about any bookstore across the country plus all the on-line booksellers. You'll see them on this page on our website.

But for a special Christmas and Holiday gifting, you might want to consider a personalized copy of Carrying Albert Home for your favorite readers. And that, as it turns out, is very easy. Just go here to order a personalized, autographed copy of my latest work and all of my backlist, too


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The First Day of the Second Week of Carrying Albert Home

Today is the first day of the second week of the publication of Carrying Albert Home. With this novel, we've tried to take fans and friends through the process of creating a book from conception to having it stocked in the bookstores. We knew you'd enjoy following all that and we've heard from many of you that you have, indeed.
With that said, we know that some folks are getting tired of our promoting the novel but the first two weeks of publication is extremely important to a book's success. Publishers base their marketing decisions on these initial sales so we're bound to get out there and promote as hard as we can during this period. Forgive us.
Surveys are made on the book sellers to see how they're doing with new books. It's our understanding that in many, many instances book stores have sold out of Albert. Now, they need to restock. That's key to a book's success. Some do and some don't. That latter group, well... 
Carrying Albert Home is a book that anyone from anywhere will enjoy, especially if they like a humorous read that will lighten their lives and maybe slip in a few things about love and family that will be nice to read.
Reviews are incredibly positive everywhere such as these on Goodreads or this one in the HuffingtonPost or this one on Bookpage. There are lots more out there.

Look under Appearances on www.homerhickam.com for the book tour as it exists today. Or head on over to your favorite bookstore or on-line bookseller and get a certain lively book about a happy alligator and his "tail" of adventure and love.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Carrying Albert Home is now officially published!

Dear Friends:

Carrying Albert Home: The Somewhat True Story of a Man, His Wife, and Her Alligator is now available at booksellers, both brick and mortar, and online.

To order it online, you can go here:

For those who haven't heard about Albert, here's a quick synopsis:

It's the story of the eternal love triangle: Homer (my future father) loves Elsie (my future mother). Elsie love Albert. The difference is Albert is . . . well, Albert is an alligator, the gift to Elsie from her former boyfriend, a fellow named Buddy Ebsen (yes, that Buddy Ebsen).

For lots more description (and photos), please see our website here: http://homerhickam.com/project/carrying-albert-home/

Carrying Albert Home is already an award-winning book. It has 15 International publishers, will be a Book-of-the-Month Club selection in December, will be a Reader's Digest condensed book, has won the Okra Award from the Southern Independent Booksellers Association, and has been given many, many great reviews by professional reviewers and readers alike.

But now that it has been published, we hope you will like it, too.

Am I nervous?

Well, maybe more than that. On Twitter and Facebook, I've said I'm terrified but that's a bit over the top.

Since I'm a Vietnam vet, I know what terrified is and I'm none of that. Nobody is trying to kill me or physically hurt me. But perhaps I am close to what "Homer" in Carrying Albert Home was as he begins the great journey with Elsie and Albert.

For one of the first times in the entire history of his life, he felt scared. A week ago, the mine roof had cracked like a rifle shot and a giant slab of rock had missed him by inches but that hadn’t scared him at all. He’d never told Elsie about that but he knew she knew. She seemed to know everything he tried to keep from her. In contrast, Homer confessed to himself he knew very little about the woman he’d married and had now put the fear of God in him with her threat to head off for Florida whether he went along or not.

So maybe I'm scared for the same reason Homer (my future father) is scared as he realizes the journey is now REALLY about to begin, a journey he had known was coming but pretended wasn't.

So I'm thinking maybe that's what I am. Scared.

You see, Carrying Albert Home is no longer in my control. Nor is it in the control of my wonderful publisher or editor or all the other so very special people at Wm Morrow/HarperCollins who have worked so hard to get Albert ready.

Carrying Albert Home is now in YOUR control.

My publisher believes Carrying Albert Home is the most important book I've written since Rocket Boys. Certainly, it came from deep within my very fiber, from deep within my heart, from deep within my soul. As writers hope will come, I felt a vast energy when I wrote Albert as if I was also on the same kind of journey as Elsie, Homer, Albert, and (for reasons not entirely understood) the Rooster.

I hope you will read it. I hope you will like it. No, I hope you will love it. Lots of readers already do. I hope you will recommend it to others to also read. It is a story that I think most of us need in this life or I wouldn't have written it. As the very first paragraph says:

The story of Albert taught me many things, not only about my parents but the life they gave me to live, and the lives we all live, even when we don’t understand why.


Even when we don't understand why. . .  The life they gave me to live . . . The lives we all live . . .

OK. I've got it.

I'm not scared. Not scared at all.

What I am is grateful. I'm grateful to my parents, to my friends, to my wife, to my brother, to my publisher, to all those who have always been there for me.

And I'm grateful to you.

Grateful is a feeling, unlike scared, that slips on like a favorite old jacket. Saved again by the angels about me... one of whom might have once been a Rooster.

And this just in: The Huffington Post weighs in on Carrying Albert Home: