Monday, September 5, 2016

Homer and Linda's Iceland Adventure Blog - Sept. 5, 2016

Sept. 5, 2016 -

Today was mostly a driving day. We started on the south coast of Iceland and ended up on the north! The terrain went from spectacular to muted and then plain. So far, the north coast isn't as interesting but we're tired after the long drive so maybe tomorrow, we'll get up and it will be great!

The most interesting was the alien setting of the Namafjall Fumaroles. The mountains surrounding these steam vents are completely devoid of vegetation, killed off by the hydrogen sulfide rolling out of the vents and across and up the hills. It could definitely be used as a movie set for Mars or the moon.

We stopped long enough for pictures before heading to the hotel for the evening. And here's one of them with Linda and me posed in front of one of the fumarole vents.

One tourist asked "Are they hot?" I just smiled because I thought he was kidding but I should have said something since he turned and squatted on one and was soon hopping around, fanning his backside. "Yep. They're hot!" Silly rabbit.

Homer Hickam, Author Carrying Albert Home and other fine books.


  1. And those fumaroles are acidic, me thinks. They can put holes in your clothes. Travel safely and be at peace. The locales can be a real mouthful! JB Patterson

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