Friday, September 9, 2016

Homer and Linda's Excellent Icelandic Adventure - Sept. 9, 2016

Sept. 9, 2016 - The next to the last day! We are back in Reykjavik after a drive from the beaches of northern Iceland. Tomorrow, we will do a snorkel along the continental plates and call it a vacation, returning on Sept. 11.

Today, we drove to a lighthouse along the northwestern coast where Linda, Albert, and I managed to snap a selfie.

Linda, Albert, Homer, and an Icelandic Lighthouse

We next headed over to Dritvik Cove. There, we walked the black sand beach and perused the remnants of an old wreck.

Dritvik Cove, Iceland

Seeing the pieces of wreckage reminded me of my wreck diving days when I led teams on the German U-boats U-352 and U-85 off North Carolina and a number of the wrecks in the "Graveyard of the Atlantic." Linda and I also discovered a wreck off Guanaja that had been lost for over a hundred years so we have lots of experience in looking for wrecks and diving on them. Researching and diving the World War II wrecks off North Carolina led to my first book, a non-fiction military history titled Torpedo Junction (a best-seller by the way and still in print: go here: http://homerhickam.com/project/torpedo-junction/

A lot of folks think that all I ever did was work for NASA but the truth is I've been a writer all my life which led me to write Rocket Boys (my second book after Torpedo Junction) about growing up in a coal town in West Virginia which I ended with the satisfying conclusion that the teenaged "Sonny" Hickam who built rockets finally went to work for NASA (I was 38 years old when I began and 55 when I left to pursue a full-time writing career). This and the movie has led to a lot of confusion with folks thinking I still work for NASA. Nope. Eighteen years in my rearview mirror but I am on the board at Space Camp, my way of giving back to the work that sustained me while I worked in parallel to become a writer whose work would pay the bills.

Anyway, Torpedo Junction was recently optioned for a film by a production company that I won't name yet because they want to keep it confidential until they're ready to begin making it.

Back to Iceland. Linda and I walked the Dritvik Cove and looked for beach glass but, sadly, there isn't any, probably because Icelanders are so neat they don't toss their bottles into the sea. There also isn't any plastic junk littering the beach, either. So, although we miss the beach glass, Linda being an artist who uses it in her work, we don't miss all the other mess. Therefore, a salute to the Icelanders and their lack of litter!

Linda walks along the black sand fruitlessly looking for beach glass

Now we are back at the hotel in Reykjavik. Sunday we get to come home! So one more blog tomorrow evening and we will call it a vacation.

Thanks again for following us during our little Icelandic adventure.

Homer Hickam, author Torpedo Junction and many other fine books.

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