Saturday, September 10, 2016

Homer and Linda's excellent Icelandic adventure - Sept. 10, 2016

Sept. 10, 2016 - Linda and I decided to stay an extra day in Iceland, mainly so we could snorkel the famous "crack" in Iceland at Silfra. This is where the North American and European continental plates are moving apart, creating a glacier-melt fill of water into a narrow crack. As retired scuba instructors, we kind of wanted this one on our bucket list although we opted not to go on scuba - too hard on our backs since there is a long hike to get to the water wearing the tanks and weight belts - but went on snorkels instead. The water is pretty shallow so I think we made the right decision.
Selfie at Silfra

Linda ready to go into Silfra!
Linda snorkeling Silfra

Silfra snorkelers from perspective of underneath
Two continental plates, North America on left, Europe on right

Here's also a short video I made while we were snorkeling. It was hard to overcome the thick gloves and buoyancy of the dry suit so forgive me for the length and same shots of the same rocks. You can at least get an idea what it was like, though. Go here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HvZdN_h3wE0

And so that ends our Icelandic adventure except getting up very early in the morning and flying home. We look forward to rescuing our Molly from the vet where she's been staying since her verdict of diabetes and also cuddling with our other cats and also seeing friends and relatives. Of course, the studio that can't be named and their accomplices in San Diego have devastated us financially and emotionally but I think it can be said we have stayed brave while in this faraway place and kept our heads in a good place for awhile. Now, upon returning, we will continue to fight against the wrongs done to us to the best of our ability while hoping the good people in San Diego, especially the veterans, will take up our cause. I will also work very hard to pick up the shards of my writing career, now in shambles by the actions of the studio that cannot be named. Every time when you see the grinning mugs of the people singing about me and my family in their musical, think of the struggle Linda and I are now facing because of each and every one of them.

Homer Hickam - author Rocket Boys, Rocket Boys the Musical (rocketboysthemusical.com), the Helium-3 series (www.helium3novels.com) and many other fine works.

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