Thursday, September 1, 2016

Blogging from Iceland

September 1, 2016

We are here in Reykjavik, Iceland. As usual, the planning, packing, and traveling are phases best left behind but actually, it all went smoothly. Delta carried us unfailingly across to Atlanta, then Minneapolis, then Iceland in a whirlwind day - Tuesday - arriving Wednesday morning. We caught our ride to the Hotel Alva in downtown Reykjavik - which is mostly one little main drag and very quiet - and here we've recovered from a small amount of jet lag and are awaiting the rest of our party of ten others. These are folks we call the Mountain Marauders and consist of men and women Linda grew up with on Monte Sano in Huntsville and their spouses, an adventurous group. We've traveled to Africa, the Galapagos, Alaska, and lots of other places together and I've always found them to be a genial fellowship who've grown old together but are still bucket listing away.

Last night, although we were told we wouldn't see them, it being the wrong time of the year, the northern lights appeared as a green, luminous, writhing snake in the sky. Based on this, I would say we're getting a good start.

Tomorrow, we will get our rental cars and start a complete circumnavigation of the island so please keep reading this blog and I will take you on a virtual tour for a week of adventure, misadventure (I'm sure), and hopefully some fun.

Of course, these days, travel doesn't relieve one of what's back home. It's too easy to communicate. We are stressed to learn that our sweet Molly cat is diabetic although we've worried about that for some time. It was confirmed while we were here so our great pet-sitter Kelly will be taking her to the Catisfaction clinic for treatment. this morning Sadly, she will have to be boarded probably for a week while her problem is sorted out. We hope that insulin shots will only be temporary and we'll be able to stabilize her with a change in diet. She loves being home so much, though, so we're stressed that she's going to be stressed.

The other worry - a long term one - continues to be the lawsuit I have lodged against the movie studio that can't be named and the Old Globe Theater in San Diego about a few things, at least one of them this aggravating musical they insist on having about me this fall - October Sky the Musical, they call it - while trying at the same time to break me financially and spiritually. You folks in San Diego have to decide if you want to hurt me or help them. I can't and won't tell you what to do. Enough said.

We are relaxing for the day. It's sunny outside. All our worries about Molly (far and away our greatest) and this niggling lawsuit will hopefully fade as we make our journey around this interesting island. As my mom used to say, "This, too, Sonny boy, will pass and if it doesn't, it's probably your fault." Ah, my mom. I surely miss her. If you don't know Elsie, read Carrying Albert Home to start, then Rocket Boys, The Coalwood Way, and Sky of Stone. She's a trip. Trust me.

And this is a trip. Follow me.

Much love to all,


A rainbow over Reykjvik

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  1. Under the rainbow, it looks like the construction is utilitarian pre-fab. Is there an Icelandic architectural style?