Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The First Day of the Second Week of Carrying Albert Home

Today is the first day of the second week of the publication of Carrying Albert Home. With this novel, we've tried to take fans and friends through the process of creating a book from conception to having it stocked in the bookstores. We knew you'd enjoy following all that and we've heard from many of you that you have, indeed.
With that said, we know that some folks are getting tired of our promoting the novel but the first two weeks of publication is extremely important to a book's success. Publishers base their marketing decisions on these initial sales so we're bound to get out there and promote as hard as we can during this period. Forgive us.
Surveys are made on the book sellers to see how they're doing with new books. It's our understanding that in many, many instances book stores have sold out of Albert. Now, they need to restock. That's key to a book's success. Some do and some don't. That latter group, well... 
Carrying Albert Home is a book that anyone from anywhere will enjoy, especially if they like a humorous read that will lighten their lives and maybe slip in a few things about love and family that will be nice to read.
Reviews are incredibly positive everywhere such as these on Goodreads or this one in the HuffingtonPost or this one on Bookpage. There are lots more out there.

Look under Appearances on www.homerhickam.com for the book tour as it exists today. Or head on over to your favorite bookstore or on-line bookseller and get a certain lively book about a happy alligator and his "tail" of adventure and love.

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