Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Carrying Albert Home during Christmas and the Holidays

Dear Readers:

Is it ever too early to think about Christmas and the Holidays?

Well, I think so. The drumbeat seems to get earlier every year.

On the other hand, it IS almost Halloween and you know how those days fly by to Thanksgiving and then Christmas.


Let's just say I think giving a book as a gift to a reader is never a bad idea, especially if it's a really special book.

And I think Carrying Albert Home is pretty special. OK, I wrote it so I would have that opinion but I'm not the only one. "Albert" has been picked by 15 International publishers, is a Book of the Month Club selection, soon to be a Reader's Digest Condensed Book, and the winner of several literary awards including the Southern Independent Bookseller's Association Okra Award.

Consider also these mainstream reviews and book bloggers:

The Huffington Post: "Oh and when they turn Carrying Albert Home into a movie (and they will), here's a great idea for casting: Jake Gyllenhaal. Now he's old enough to play the father of the character he played at 16!"

Book Page: "An intentionally improbable, bizarre trip through Southern Americana that is a tall tale blend of fact and fiction."

Book Reporter:  "Don’t miss CARRYING ALBERT HOME. It will surprise, delight and enchant you!"

The Book Diva:  "Don't put Carrying Albert Home on a "To Be Read" list, go out, grab a copy, and then sit down and read it...you won't be disappointed!

The London Diary: "There are gangsters, bank robberies, baseball teams, ship wrecks and kidnappings to contend with before the touching and heartbreaking end.  I won’t lie, I found myself sobbing when I finished this book.  It ended way too soon."

The Frugal Mom in Canada: "I came away from Carrying Albert Home feeling completely invested in the “characters”.  What a read, indeed."

The Kahakai Kitchen: "There is a sweet earnestness to Carrying Albert Home and it is easy to get caught up in the storytelling.

Sarah's Book Chaos: "I am telling you right now, if you are one of my friends who I normally give a book to for Christmas, this is probably going to be it because I enjoyed this book so much."

The Savvy Reader: "It didn’t take me long to fall in love with Carrying Albert Home by Homer Hickam, and with my own trip booked to Florida, I knew this was going to be the perfect vacation read."

Net Galley: "Something about Albert the alligator has touched my heart, and I dare say he will touch many more hearts, as he takes you on his journey home."

Carrying Albert Home is available in just about any bookstore across the country plus all the on-line booksellers. You'll see them on this page on our website.

But for a special Christmas and Holiday gifting, you might want to consider a personalized copy of Carrying Albert Home for your favorite readers. And that, as it turns out, is very easy. Just go here to order a personalized, autographed copy of my latest work and all of my backlist, too


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