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Autographed books available for the 2014 Holiday Christmas Season

Holiday Homer Hickam Newsletter
November, 2014
For description of each book, go to the BOOKS page on Homer's website and click on each cover. 

Dear Friends and Readers,  
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all our friends and readers! Normally, we send along a newsy, chatty newsletter for the holidays and we promise to produce one of those the first minute we get the chance. But right now, I am deep into my next book, a family epic tentatively titled Carrying Albert Home (which stars my parents and a very special alligator.) It will be published in Fall of 2015.  And Linda is covered up with letters from fans that need answering. As for our cats, they're assigned to the bookstore shipping department and are busy at this very moment shredding wrapping paper and boxes in preparation for the upcoming gift sales of my books!

This missive therefore is being sent entirely to apprise you of the fantastic deal that my wife Linda's little KnowInk bookstore is offering for your holiday gift-giving pleasure. For you, our loyal newsletter subscribers, from now until December 21, she is reducing the price of every one of my books by 10%, each autographed and inscribed according to your instructions.

These have proved to be fantastically good surprise gifts for folks who enjoy good books or have a connection to my life in the coalfields and beyond! To figure out how to order these very special, valuable, and collectible books, just go to the list of books below and subtract 10% from each price listed.  

Shipping costs, of course, remain the same, but note that up to 6 books fit in the medium priority box and Linda will only charge you $11 if your books fit, which is actually less than the cost of shipping it.
So to get your order in, all you have to do is let Linda know what books you want by emailing her at LTHickam@homerhickam.com. The DVD of October Sky is also available with the 10% reduction in price. Easy? You bet! So get your orders in early, please. There are limited quantities available so do not wait until the last minute and be disappointed!
Happy Holidays to all of you.  
May there be Peace on Earth.
                                                            Homer Hickam

Note From Linda
BOOKS AUTOGRAPHED AND PERSONALIZED BY HOMER HICKAM AVAILABLE BY MAIL Special gifts to that "hard to find a gift for" person. Homer's many books can be personalized, autographed and mailed to you or the person gifted, even gift wrapped for a small price :)! Great gifts for Christmas, birthdays, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, special teacher, Father's Day, graduation and more!! If you want inscriptions on them, remember to let us know.

Thank you for shopping  
Small Businesses! 

How to order: PayPal is best, paid to LTHickam@homerhickam.com. Use "SEND MONEY" area at top and in comments area please include inscription wanted on each book and the shipping address.

Questions? Email Linda at LTHickam@homerhickam.com. The shipping listed after each book is for that book alone, BUT remember, up to 6 books can fit in one $11 priority box so keep that in mind and just order more books for the same shipping cost! :)

Choose from the list below and subtract 10% from the price until Dec. 21:

Rocket Boys, hardcover $30. Autographed and personalized by Homer Hickam, with special Rocket Boys authenticity embossed seal (we have seen forgeries!). ($11 priority mail shipping) - the box can hold up to 6 books, but this size is needed to keep this book safe. I am sorry at this time I cannot fulfill international orders.

October Sky DVD, autographed $16 ($6 Shipping)

NEWEST! Crater Trueblood and the Lunar Rescue Company (A Helium-3 Novel): $12, ($6 shipping for one or two, $11 for more)

Crescent (A Helium-3 Novel) $12, with ($6 shipping for one, $11 for multiples)

Crater (A Helium-3 Novel) Trade, $12, ($6 shipping for one or two, $11 for more)

All Three Helium-3 novels! $30 ($11 shipping) Great young adult gift!

The Coalwood Way, hardcover, 1st edition, collectible $25 ($11 shipping)

Sky of Stone hardcover, 1st edition, collectible $25 ($11 shipping)

The Coalwood Trilogy Set (Rocket Boys, The Coalwood Way, Sky of Stone) SPECIAL, $65 (all but Rocket Boys are first editions and out of print, so collectible already!)

We Are Not Afraid Trade $15 ($6 shipping)

Back To The Moon hardcover VERY collectible, unavailable

My Dream of Stars co-written with Anousheh Ansari, hardcover, $30 ($11 shipping)

Red Helmet hardcover, 1st edition, collectible $30 ($11 shipping)
Red Helmet Trade, 1st edition, $15 ($6 shipping)

The Keeper's Son hardcover VERY collectible, (unfortunately not available at this time)

The Ambassador's Son hardcover, 1st edition, collectible $25 ($11 shipping)

The Far Reaches hardcover, 1st edition, collectible $25 ($11 shipping)
The Far Reaches
Trade  $15, ($6 shipping) 
The Dinosaur Hunter hardcover, 1st edition, collectible! $25 ($11 shipping)
The Dinosaur Hunter
Trade 1st edition, SPECIAL $5 ($6 shipping)

Paco: The Cat Who Meowed in Space
Trade $8 ($6 shipping)
From Rocket Boys to October Sky Trade, the behind the scenes story of how the movie got made! $10 ($6 shipping)

All shipments are USPS Priority. This is for US mail only. We're sorry, International readers, but at this time, it's nearly impossible for us to ship overseas due to the long lines and customs forms required.

Remember, pay by PayPal to LTHickam@homerhickam.com.
 If you do not have PayPal, you may send a check. Be sure to include any inscriptions desired and your mailing address to: 

Linda Hickam
4906 Whitesburg Dr. S
PO Box 16053
Huntsville, AL 35802

Books mailed when payment received,  

so PayPal is quickest!
Thank you! - Linda Hickam

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