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Spring 2014 Newsletter from Homer and Linda Hickam

Homer Hickam News
March, 2014

The Writer's Life

  Dear Gentle and Prodigious Readers:

Spring has arrived on our little Alabama mountain with some fits and starts. The daffodils have never been more beautiful and we expect the redbud, tulip trees, and dogwood to soon blossom. We still have chilly weather in the forecast but nothing that's going to stop one of our usual glorious springs. The cats are feeling frisky, especially our latest adoptee, the nefarious but thoroughly cute St. Johnian orange kitty, Yawzi. Yawzi is keeping the other cats a little off balance as he settles in. He's friendly but he's sooooo fast, he scares them!
Yawzi, The St. John bush cat!
We have several new things to let you know. First, if you are a writer or know someone who wants to be a writer, please consider traveling to Huntsville to attend our second annual Monte Sano Writers Conference on April 5 In Huntsville, Alabama, our home town. Last year's conference was a great success and thoroughly enjoyed by all of our attendees and presenters! Just $55 for the day ($65 registering on the day of the conference), everyone agrees that the conference is quite a bargain! For the equivalent information and inspiration, writers often spend thousands of dollars so even if you need to travel overnight for the conference, you'll find it well worth the money. Our nine presenters will provide you with the tools to get published, or market effectively if you already are!  Linda and I will also be there to meet and greet you and add what we can. So please sign up now. The poster here gives you the information you need.

Register for the Writers Conference HERE

Here's some great news about Rocket Boys the Musical ! It is to be staged in greater Atlanta's marvelous new Legacy Theatre October 3-26, 2014! We are excited about joining with this fine developmental theater to prepare Rocket Boys for what we hope will eventually be its Broadway premiere! If you are involved with community theater, by the way, go to the musical's website and see about the possibility of staging your own prodigious Rocket Boys show!
The Rocket Boys Musical Team
L-R Carl Tramon (writer)
Homer Hickam (writer)
Diana Belkowski (composer)
Dan Tramon (composer)

Big News! I have a new novel in the Helium-3 series coming out in June! It is the third of the series, and titled:
You'll like it no matter your age or literary interest. It's a rousing, rock 'em, sock 'em (yet romantic and thoughtful) space yarn that never lets up. Here are a few blurbs:

"An exciting romp through a surprisingly realistic future. Homer's knowledge of science gives an interesting backdrop to a universe filled with exotic creatures and amusingly fantastical elements." - Jasper T. Scott, author of the Dark Space

"Hickam again displays a knack for suspenseful scenes out in the "big suck" of space..." - Kirkus Reviews

"With vivid prose, wild imagination, and a keen eye for the science behind the fiction, Homer Hickam transports us to a future Moon packed with big-hearted heroes, damsels more than clever enough to get themselves out of distress, villains with double and triple agendas, and - of course - hyper-intelligent slime molds. Lunar Rescue Company is a thrill ride of space battles, runaway asteroids, and all the derring-do any reader could ever hope for." - Javier Grillo-Marxuach, writer and producer of the television series Lost and Helix.

Pre-order today from Amazon.com or Barnesandnoble.com or your favorite bookseller. For autographed copies, please contact Linda who will be more than happy to send it when it comes out in June along with any other Homer Hickam books!

And speaking of Homer Hickam books, we have a gigantic SALE on my novel The Dinosaur Hunter!

One of my best-reviewed novels which grew from my years of work in the Montana badlands searching out ancient bones, is the thoroughly adult story of Mike Wire, an ex-Los Angeles police detective, wounded on the job, who moves to Montana to become the top hand on a ranch owned by a woman he loves but doesn't love him back. Told in his voice, Mike is confronted by murder and mayhem that arrives on the ranchlands with a peculiar paleontologist who is hot on the trail of a far older crime, the attack of a T.rex mother and her brood by rogue dinosaurs.
For more on
The Dinosaur Hunter,
go here:  

Now, for the sale!

We have come into possession of some trade editions of The Dinosaur Hunter and would love to share them with our friends and fans at a very special price 

Only $.99 , plus a shipping and handling charge of $4.00.
(It really does cost that much for Linda to pack and send it), I will personalize and autograph the book and Linda will send it along without delay! We only have a limited number of copies at this price so please go here to order before we run out! So think gifts now - Father's Day, Mother's Day, graduations, birthdays, all holidays! Only $4.99!! Multiples will be $.99 cents but a little more for mailing as many as you like. (Please no resale.)   

Linda will let you know when you get in touch with how many. Contact her at LTerry@hiwaay.net for info on PayPal or Credit or for total cost for multiples. Checks for $4.99 can be sent here. Please remember to include inscription wanted:
Linda Hickam
4906 Whitesburg Dr. S

PO Box 16053
Huntsville AL 35802
That's it for now. Let us hear from you!     Homer  

From Linda

All is well here with the cats and family, thank you! The yard is looking so beautiful with our naturalized daffodils, I love them, so much a happy color. Wyatt is colorful too, below!
Molly paints on my ipad!
Curly Bill sits in a shoebox,
always a favorite with our cats!
Summer, Wyatt and Curly Bill play "as seen on TV"
 Cat's Meow....they love it!
Sometimes, Yawzi can't remember to take his tongue in
April has a Room With a View!
China is a big reader!

Summer and Albert in front of the fireplace

Rainbow Head Wyatt

Please, prayers and support our courageous troops fighting across the world. A shout out for our nephew, Sgt. Ethan Terry, and his team. We have our old oak tree decorated in your honor Ethan, and so look forward to you cutting it off on your safe return.
Ethan's "Old oak tree"  
Happy Spring!
Linda and our Furchildren

Autographed Books - Sale

I would be glad to help you with any special gift of Homer's autographed books, just get in touch at LTerry@hiwaay.net And don't forget

                      The Dinosaur Hunter

trade paperback, inscribed and autographed, for just $4.99, a limited offer, so order bunches now!  

And of course all the Sixteen Others ... 

Rocket Boys hardcover, $30, $41 with shipping.
And of course I have his sixteen other books available too. Please see Homer's website to see the selection and prices or email me.  (click on the white gift book with the green ribbon, looks like below) All of his books are described in detail on his BOOKS page there too.
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Eagle Scout Congratulations
This is a prodigious award and Homer could not be prouder of the young men who achieve this major landmark in their lives, but he has been put on some lists where he is receiving up to 50 requests a week! PLEASE, we require a SELF ADDRESSED STAMPED ENVELOPE for return congratulation letters. Send the requests and stamped envelope to:

Homer Hickam
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