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December, 2013

The Writer's Life


Dear Gentle and Prodigious Readers:

Well, here it is the Holiday Season, a busy time for all of us, but for the Hickams, something of a relief. The Fall of 2013 was one thing after another, most of it all good, but requiring our full attention! Before I tell you all that happened, let me remind one and all that Linda is prepared to fill all of your Christmas autographed Homer Hickam book orders for that special person in your life who loves to read. See her section below and don't wait! Of course, the Coalwood books are available - Rocket Boys , The Coalwood Way  (aka A Coalwood Christmas), Sky of Stone, and We are Not Afraid.  

The acclaimed Josh Thurlow series set during World War II - The Keeper's Son, The Ambassador's Son, and The Far Reaches
are available as are the stand-alone books, and so is Red Helmet
(a romantic tale of the coalfields),
The Dinosaur Hunter (a grand adventure and mystery story set in today's Montana), My Dream of Stars

(the memoir of the Iranian-American astronaut Anousheh Ansari), and the young adult sci-fi Helium-3 series set on the moon- Crater and Crescent.

Linda also has the printed version of the short e-books Paco: The Cat Who Meowed in Space  (the story of my early years with NASA and a very special cat), and From Rocket Boys to October Sky (the story of how the memoir was written and the movie made).

Check in with Linda at LTerry@hiwaay.net and she'll help fill your orders. DON'T WAIT! Book prices can be found in some specials Linda has below and the full list is here on my website.  Just click on the white gift with the green ribbon there!

I just turned in my latest novel, the third in the Helium-3 series, titled

Crater Trueblood and the Lunar Rescue Company.     

I've pulled out the stops on this one but it won't be available until June so please hang on for the latest adventures of Crater, Crescent, Maria, and all the characters in the first two novels in the series.  

We had the most marvelous time this year at the second Rocket Boys/October Sky Festival in Beckley, WV. It was great to see the other boys - Roy Lee, Billy, and O'Dell - plus a special treat in the appearance of Chris Owen, the great actor who played Quentin in the movie. Next year, the main Festival day will be Saturday, October 4.
Billy, O'Dell, Chris Owen, Princess, Roy Lee
and Homer
From the moment we set foot in Beckley, we were in a whirlwind of activities. I spoke to visiting students, ran a writer's workshop, talked to the audiences of the movie October Sky, and, on the prime day of the celebration, greeted the crowds and signed books all day while visitors celebrated with music, great food, visiting vendors and other authors, not to mention launching rockets! Linda had been stung on her hand by a yellow jacket and had a reaction and an infection from it but persevered anyway during our busy but wonderful time.

I next headed to the Big Apple, New York City, to talk to my fellow creators of  Rocket Boys the Musical after a third popular season at Theatre West Virginia. After the recent successful presentation at Fairmont State University, we think we're in great shape to keep going toward that brighter sky!
Linda's 92 year old dad Walt watching football with Albert

In NY, I also took the opportunity to visit Kate Nintzel, my wonderful new editor at Harper Collins who will guide me along as I write book eighteen, Carrying Albert Home: A Family Epic
(the working title). Much more on this later!

  Our Albert is much loved
wherever he goes!

After that, I headed to Watertown, Connecticut, to help them celebrate both Rocket Boys: A Memoir and Crater 
as their 2013 annual city/library read! I was very much made to feel at home by the wonderful folks in Watertown and made many new friends.
Before I had time to scarcely turn around, I was on my way to Denver, Colorado, where I celebrated the selection of Rocket Boys by the Commerce City School System as a school-wide read.  I was most impressed by the educators and students in this high percentage Latino district. They understand how to use education to motivate their students be successful in the USA! I was proud to help out and so pleased that the story of the Rocket Boys is meaningful to these wonderful folks.

Linda and I next drove up to Blacksburg, Virginia, to help the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Skipper, the game cannon I helped build in 1963. Joining us was Ben "Butch" Harper and George Fox, my fellow cadets at that time who joined in to build a grand brass cannon that for so many years was the pride of the Corps.

Although the original Skipper is retired now, her legend lives on in  Skipper II. What a wonderful reception we received from the Corps including a special firing of the new Skipper on the drill field.   
The Cannon Boys and Skipper
Right after this, I was honored by being selected by the governor of Alabama to serve on the board of the United States Space & Rocket Center, the home of Space Camp and Space Academy. I look forward to working with Dr. Deborah Barnhart and my fellow board members in my hometown of Huntsville, Alabama.

Then, with a great sigh of happiness, Linda and I headed for our prodigious home Skyridge. There, as always, we had a most marvelous time, snorkeling, scuba diving, have meals and drinks with friends, gardening and working on the house, getting it shipshape for the rental season. We will be back soon, with my brother and his family in January, their first time there.
Dusk view from Skyridge deck
The most beautiful full moon rising
over "The Narrows."
From our deck this last trip

We wish you joy these holidays, from our family to yours. May you take time to be with friends and family and make time for what really matters - memories, and the gift of your presence, not opulent presents.

Happy 2014 - Make it your best year yet!


Merry Christmas from the KnowInk Shipping Department - Linda, the Fluffies here
and all the rest of my VERY helpful crew!


The holidays are HERE!
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Linda Hickam    
2124 Cecil Ashburn Dr
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Huntsville, AL 35802
After Jan 1, email me at Lterry@hiwaay.net for new mailing address.  
Wyatt watching his weight during the holidays ;)
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