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"From Rocket Boys to October Sky" is published!

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September, 2013
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The Cover of the Kindle Single
Big News!

Available NOW and only $2.99
 Click here, the book so many of you have asked for - the true story of the memoir Rocket Boys and the movie October Sky!
Dear Gentle and Prodigious Readers:

Since the publication of
Rocket Boys: A Memoir
in 1998 and the premiere of the movie October Sky in 1999, many of my readers and fans have wondered (1) how and why I wrote the book, and (2) how the movie was made.  
Incidental to that are such questions as "What are Jake Gyllenhaal/Chis Cooper/Laura Dern, etc. really like?" and "What's it like to have a movie made about your life?" and "Why are the book and movie different?" and "Why are they still popular after all these years?"

I've been a little busy since I wrote Rocket Boys with a lot more books but now I've gotten around to writing the answers to those questions and a lot more in my new Kindle Single
From Rocket Boys to October Sky.
The Rocket Boys of October Sky
(l-r Chad Lindberg (O'Dell), Will Lee Scott (Roy Lee), Jake Gyllenhaal (Homer), Chris Owen (Quentin))
Writing Rocket Boys  was not an easy journey. In fact after I wrote it, I said, "I got a million dollars of psychotherapy I didn't even know I needed!"

The making of October Sky wasn't easy, either. From Rocket Boys to October Sky gives lots of behind-the-scenes stories both on-set and off. Before the first frame of film was exposed, I was involved with the writing of the screenplay. My comment when I saw the first draft - "I'm going to have to go up to West Virginia and apologize to everyone in the state!" - perhaps gives you an idea of how that went. 

When you read this book, you'll be by my side as I struggle with the complexities of how a major Hollywood motion picture is made, and learn how and why I disagreed with aspects of the film even while I admired the dedication and professionalism of the men and women making it. You'll also be alongside the director and the producers and the actors as they create one of the most beloved movies ever.

The book has lots of candid photos taken by Linda on the various sets, too!

To read From Rocket Boys to October Sky, you'll need either a Kindle reader, an e-reader (iPad, Android, etc.), or a computer with the Kindle Application software. To download that software, go here   

After you're ready, please download my new book, only $2.99!
Hope you enjoy the read. Please spread the word to friends and family! And forward this email too, at bottom is how. 

KnowInk Shipping Department
From Linda

Many of you have been so kind to say you enjoy my reports and photos of our cats, the furchildren, so here is part of the shipping department of KnowInk, my little virtual bookstore for Homer's autographed books. Our rescues, Wyatt on the left and his mom Molly on the right, help in every aspect of getting your books to you in a timely manner, but they are especially good at packing, as you see. Brother Curly Bill, and China, Summer, and April are all spoiled and well, thank you!

Please start thinking about Christmas,
and order your Autographed Books
 for that hard-to-find-a gift-for person NOW!
We have worked hard this summer but also enjoyed our trips to our home in St John, USVI (NO hurricanes, NO hurricanes!) See it here: 
A webcam link at the top there shows some of the beautiful ocean view off the deck. You can even rent it, we feel sorry for it to sit there with no one enjoying it. We will have it open again about Thanksgiving, after hurricane season, which is NOT rented yet and is still low season prices - wouldn't THAT be wonderful? Contact mefor more information and special deals!   

Also our dinosaur hunting trip to Montana was fun. This time we went to a new area that wasn't as kind to us as usual for significant finds, although that may not be true, as the paleontologists are still digging out "Homer's Slide," a big bone jutting out of a cliff. I only nearly died once, sliding down one of those cliffs and had to use the H word. . . HELP! Homer was out of range, but handsome Paleontologist Mark Goodman came up to rescue me, as I was hanging just by my hiking pole from sliding the rest of the way down, and I must admit I had just a "little" bit of a crush on him the rest of the trip, sorry my darling Homer.

Always keep an adventure in your life!  Linda 
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In celebration of completion of turn-in of Homer's third Helium-3 novel, I am selling personalized and autographed trade paperbacks of the second,  Crescent, for $12, $6 priority mail - $18 total. I do have hardcovers of Crater still, $22 with mailing. If you want the pair, $30 total with priority mailing.
And of course I have his fifteen other books available too. Please see Homer's website (click on the white gift book with the green ribbon) to see the selection and prices or email me. Rocket Boyshardcover is $30, $11 mailing. All of his books are described in detail on his BOOKS page there too.

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  1. I am a female Assistant Scoutmaster. This weekend I went to Wood Badge (Boy Scout Leader training) and we were showed the movie October Sky. I loved it!! I was moved by your story.

    Jackie Grenda

  2. I am currently re-reading "Return To The Moon". I really wish you carried on with the characters that you created in other books. I'm going to try and find the other two books in the Helium-3 series.

    When I first read "Back To The Moon" it was ten years ago, and the Columbia disaster had just occurred. I wanted to read a story that wasn't too far out of the realm of possibility, and dealt with fact. BTTM was fantastic. It came along at just the right time. I read it rather rabidly so this time I'm reading it at a much slower pace. I want to savor every word. Thanks for writing the book. Helium-3 is real, exists, and could solve some problems.

  3. I love watching the movie october sky

  4. HI! I am in 6th grade and we watched the movie in clas and it was really cool.

  5. My class was watching october skys and we liked it vary much! It was vary inspratinal comeing from a small state like me and you and makeing it that far! One day I would like to acomplish something that big like you. This year and I hope I get as far as you did!

  6. HI I watched the Oct. Sky it was good

  7. we loved watching the movie Octber sky. i would like to meet you someday and get you signature

  8. Hi! I am a 6th grade student. You are amazing! I live in West Virginia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your story is inspirational. I'm glad you believed in yourself and tried hard to win the science fair. I am going to try to win the science fair too. Your movie is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. My class watched October Sky and we loved the movie! It was very impatient waiting to watch different parts of the movie because we had to swich classes. I would watch it again!!!

  10. We love watching the movie Octber sky. I go to to Williamstown Elemetray school . I wish you could came see are school. We all love you write back when you get this

  11. Hi I am a 6th grader and I live in West Virginia!!! I watched your movie and it was very cool. We are having a science fair and I hope I'll win like you won!

  12. Hi! I am a 6th grade student in West Virginia. I saw your movie and it was very insprational. We are having a science fair and I am going to be in it.You are amazing and you incruged me to follow my dreams.

  13. I loved your movie October Sky. It's an amazing story about your life. please type me back and answer my question. How long did it take until your first rocket flew up in the sky?

  14. I watched your movie, October Sky. It was amzing

  15. I love the rocket called Miss Riley

  16. Me and my husband just watched the movie october sky here in Germany on DVD and we really loved it. This is such an inspiring story!!!

  17. Hi I come from Taiwan
    I really really love your story. It was really touching!!!!!!!
    The first time i watched ur movie was 10yrs ago in my class.
    I always remember this story, this movie, the Coalwood people, the Rocket Boys.
    I bought 3 Octory Sky books , and share them with my firends.
    and i read October Sky over 5 times.
    I think The Coalwood still alive in somewhere of this world.

  18. I was reminded of October Sky when I began working on the fall Boy Scout recruiting campaign in Michigan "Blast Into Scouting" has a space theme. I was even more excited because I had not realized the connections you have with scouting.