Monday, June 17, 2013



This is a short message to our Newsletter subscribers to let you know CRESCENT, my big new novel set on the moon (the 2nd in the Helium-3 series) is now available at bookstores and online everywhere.

CRESCENT isn't just for young readers. Reviews from all over are coming in and readers of all ages are enjoying this new adventure set in the 22nd Century on the moon.

We've also done a slightly steam-punky (ask the kids what that is), thoroughly Heinlein-ish and retro trailer we think you'll like.  Please send the link to all your friends and let's make it go viral!  We had a lot of fun doing this and I hope you'll watch it a few times to pick up on some of its subtleties.  To see the trailer, go here!

Photo of Jumpcar from the exciting new trailer of CRESCENT!
Why I wrote CRATER and CRESCENT can be found here.

A lot more about the novel can be found on our home page here.

To order autographed copies, please click on the white gift with the green ribbon on our home page.

And, of course, some interesting fun stuff on both CRATER (1st in the series) and CRESCENT can be found on the Helium-3 novels website.

To order CRESCENT on Amazon, please go here
To order CRESCENT on Barnes and Noble, please go here.
To order CRESCENT on Christianbooks.com, please go here.

And, of course, audiobooks and ebook versions are also available at those sites and a lot more!

We appreciate your support of Homer's work.

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  1. That was cool, hope the book does great. I need to read the first one. I read more Andre Norton than Hienlen.