Sunday, April 15, 2012



We're sponsoring a contest for garage or professional bands to enter.  All they have to do is record a song  based on the lyrics of "Moon Dust Girl" in Homer Hickam's big new science fiction novel CRATER.

Go here to watch the book trailer for Crater.  And go here to see the interactive site. 

Crater is the name of a 16-year old boy who lives in a Helium-3 mining town on the moon.  Among his other attributes, Crater has a band that mostly sings "Lunarian Country" but also in other styles.   He sings "Moon Dust Girl" to a very special young lady at the Earthrise Bar & Grill in Moontown where he lives and works.

Here are the lyrics:

All I want is a Moon Dust girl,
Down in a crater waitin' for love.
All I want is a Moon Dust girl,
Kissin' me 'neath the world above.

All I need is a Moon Dust girl,
Makes workin' in the dust almost fun.
All I need is a Moon Dust girl,
Scrapes Heel-3 up by the megaton.

Now I have a Moon Dust girl,
Puts her helmet next to mine.
Now I have a Moon Dust girl,
She's one sixth gravity fine.

The idea is for bands to use the lyrics as a starting point.  They can add any chorus they want and tweak the words any way it helps them musically.  But context is everything so reading the book is a good idea for entrants.

The rules are pretty simple.  Video your song and put it up on Youtube or any other Internet site where we can find it.  Let us know where it is by emailing us at h3hickam@homerhickam.com.  We'll view it and you'll be in the running for the prizes which will be:

An autographed and inscribed set of Homer's Crater, Rocket Boys, and The Dinosaur Hunter plus Facebook and Twitter publicity (Homer has 5,000 friends on FB plus another 4,000 at his official page).  We'll also announce the winner nationally in a press release.

By sending us your song, you automatically give us permission to put it up on our website, Facebook, Twitter, or any other placement we wish.  However, it's your song.  If you want to record it professionally, you have our permission to take the lyrics and run with them!

Deadline is May 15, 2012!  Now, get out there, write your song, and create, create, create!!!! 

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