Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Announcing "Paco: The Cat Who Meowed in Space" my first Kindle Single

Dear Friends:

Happy Spring! I've been keeping it a bit of a surprise, but I have written a special book I hope you will all enjoy! Its a memoir, called Paco: The Cat Who Meowed in Space.  

Paco tells the story of my beloved black and white long-haired, sweet cat Paco, who not only meowed in space but saved a space mission.  It also tells how I got a job as a NASA engineer and some of my early experiences with the agency. I am proud to say it has been published as a Kindle Single. Please go here to see it:  Paco. You will love the price too, $1.99!

What is a Kindle Single and why would I want to publish Paco's story as one?

A Kindle Single is an all-digital book, downloaded off the Internet.  It is meant only for short books, novellas, or long articles, usually no more than 80 pages.  Kindle Singles is a product of Amazon.com and can be read on just about any platform including iPad, iPod, PC, Macs, iPhone, Blackberry, and Android-based devices.

When my agent suggested I write a Kindle Single, I realized it was perfect for Paco's story!
Paco, before he became famous
 for meowing in space
Paco: The Cat Who Meowed in Space is the true story of my special cat who could work magic, even in the far reaches of space.  
If you like cats and/or space. . . or me, how can you go wrong?  I think you'll find Paco's story funny, interesting, and touching and it's perfect for the entire family!  To download Paco, just click here and follow the instructions!

Paco and Dad
Paco and me in 1992. Paco is wearing
the helmet given to him for
saving the space mission

My next novel is Crater which will be available everywhere on April 10.  Although it's a Young Adult novel, I think all my readers will like this exciting adventure tale that goes across a thousand miles of lunar landscape and into deep space. The publisher and I are very excited about it!  I'll be telling you a little more about Crater (here's the exciting book trailer, a short movie of the book) when we get closer to publication.  

A mining colony on the moon. 
A teen sent on a deadly mission. 
And a secret bigger than two worlds. 

Linda is accepting orders for autographed and personalized copies of Crater NOW.  Her little book store - KnowInk - will get Crater WAY earlier than other venues, by March 20.  The cost is $18, with $6 shipping for one copy, or $11 for more than one copy, plus $2 handling charge for each additional book.  Therefore, $24 for one autographed, personalized copy of Crater, a great bargain for what will likely prove to be a collectible book. Just let Linda know who you want it signed for and any special inscription.  For instance, "To Billy, who also loves space"  or "To Uncle Harry with happy birthday wishes."
Check or money order to Linda Hickam.
Mail to:
Linda Hickam
2124 Cecil Ashburn Dr #100
Huntsville, AL 35802

If you would like to use a credit card to make your order, please contact Linda at Lterry@homerhickam.com.  You may also contact her at this email address if you have any questions about your order.

Everything's A-OK.  Ready to meow, sir!

Until then, please enjoy Paco by going here.

Happy reading, and keep aiming high!

Homer Hickam


  1. I read the description on Amazon and want to know if this is going to be sad and make me cry? I can't read sad animal stories.

    From a fellow West Virginian and cat lover,

    1. Paco is not a sad story although at the end, Paco dies at age 20. He lived a great life!

  2. I love this story and i love cats ! My cat was special too,she was 20 years and she died the last week .. Best wishes from France !

  3. Hi Homer, I have just finished watching October Sky ( which I thought was pretty good, I'd already read Rocket Boys ) and decided to look you up on the net.

    I'm really into rocket technology and spaceflight, ever since the Apollo missions I watched as a child.

    But I have to say I like cats even better than rockets, I must get my wife to order 'Paco' so I can read it on her Kindle.

    Good luck to you ( and your cats ) and keep writing inspirational stories.